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You clicked the Welcome sign so welcome. This is a Derren Brown dedication blog. I make GIFs, post videos and some new or rare Derren pictures. Follow this blog and you will find his face annoyingly attractive. Yes you will.
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Watch an exclusive clip of Infamous on 4od!


Watch the video here

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I can’t watch this any more.

Derren kissing a parrot. Oh god. TOO CUTE.

I want to be that bird…

(heart attack and dead. oh.)

Have to reblog this again… More than 100,000 notes! OMG..

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Post again: Derren Brown INFAMOUS advert!

I’m all so excited!

(The video allthingsderrenbrown posted somehow disappeared from the tag? Post again so more people can see, hope you don’t mind)

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Derren Brown INFAMOUS Advert.

Monday 22nd September
@ 9
on 4


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Oh it will be 1 hour and 35 minutes! 

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People, it’s coming!

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Derren Brown Self Portrait Progression.

(thanks to ukdb for collecting all of the seperate photos in this post)

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The evolution of Derren’s new self-portrait.

12-31 Aug 2014

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Derren Brown: Miracle

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Derren Brown on You Are Feeling Sleepy, BBC Radio 4, 16 Aug 2014

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Basically the best picture I’ve ever seen.

Derren’s face hahahaha

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1 second hypnosis. Try it.

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Bless him, he doesn’t have a fucking clue what to do with that.

re-blogging purely for that comment


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