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You clicked the Welcome sign so welcome. This is a Derren Brown dedication blog. I make GIFs, post videos and some new or rare Derren pictures. Follow this blog and you will find his face annoyingly attractive. Yes you will.
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Derren Brown Speed Painting by Cat Marshall on Blogspot



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Aaaahh! I'm going on the 25th! I probably won't have the balls to say hi but if someone starts screaming that it's their friend's birthday, that person is me, pls be incredibly embarrassed for me so I don't look like a moron being the only person who literally has a face the colour of lava (also I love your blog a lil bit(a lot))

Awww that’s so lovely! I’ll keep an eye on the birthday girl :)

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It’s 2am and I can’t sleep ಥ_ಥ

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Anyone seeing Infamous on 25, 26 or 27 in London?

I’m seeing all 3 shows in London, and the first two days I’ll be sitting in the back (row X and Y), but on 27th I’ll be in the middle of row A! If you see an Asian girl sitting alone in those rows on those dates, that probably would be me. ;)

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Hey, I saw that you'll be going to see infamous on the same day as I will! We might see each other!

We really might! I’m in row X I think. You probably sit in front of me?

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After 2 days I will be heading off to Paris, and it’s only 10 days till Infamous (and two year anniversary of me meeting Derren in person)! I’m soooo excited and nervous!

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would you rather:

a) be invisible to derren brown
b) be only visible to derren brown

This question is an important one…

I might choose A! If I ever meet him it will be fun - everyone can see me but Derren, and he can still hear my voice!

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So many people are getting tickets for Derren Brown’s new show.

Why do I have to live so far away? :(

I know. I’m in Australia! I will never see Infamous live which means I’ll be stuck with an edited down dvd. :(

Exactly! I had…

I was in Croydon - where Derren was born - in 2010, but I didn’t know who he is until late 2011! And I missed Enigma :( Luckily I got to see Svengali, and Infamous in less than 15 days, but I won’t be able to see his next show…

Try your best to see his show in another city while you are in London! The transportation system in the UK is great, as long as you get two days off, you can go to any city in England to see him! I believe there will be tickets left even next year, though not in the front maybe.

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It’s nice to have heroes, but stars only twinkle when viewed from afar.

Derren Brown in a new interview: http://www.list.co.uk/article/62351-my-comedy-hero-derren-brown-on-louis-ck/d

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Every time when I see him saying how not to meet heroes or you may get disappointed, I think about meeting him, which was an experience far from disappointing. Should I thank him for being so nice and not making me hate his shows ever since..

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Derren’s old house is up for sale!


Take a look around here:

That empty library

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More tickets!

Seriously, 6 shows in Edinburgh?! He usually only does 3! That’s over 18,000 people in one city already.. I’ve studied and lived there but never got the chance to see his show in the mighty Playhouse, not this time either but I wish one day I can!

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Ever wanted to see Derren with an inflatable banana and a sombrero? It’s your lucky day!


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hey! the 3d magic spectacular is online! it was uploaded by ukdb! here's the link: vimeo(.)com/72411555 - the password is 'magic' x


Aha! Thank you very much :) x

It actually wasn’t me! It’s rumyodin :) Thank her! ps the password is ‘magic’.

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The 1400 seats of the Shaftesbury Theatre, London ^

All of my followers would fit into this theatre, with 15 standing awkwardly at the back. In other words, Derren could statistically give a private performance for his Tumblr fans…

Thank you all for following! MWAH x


I’ll have a front row seat please :)

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