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Shiiiit omg

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Hi! How were the shows? Were they very different each night or? Did you get to go on stage? (Btw, I think I saw you when I went to see infamous, but I was too shy to ask :/)

Hi! If saw my last post you’ll know it was very great for me, and yes I got on stage! The shows each night were largely the same, but the specific contents generated by the audience or influenced by the audience were different from night to night.
Really? Aww it’s a shame, you should come and say hi! X

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Guys I can’t talk properly now please forgive me.
The very last show. I sat in the middle of the front row, and Derren’s chair was right in front of my face. Like that. Imagine it. And I went on stage. Didn’t get to do anything but I was also sitting in the very middle of the first row, on the stage, staring at the back of Derren’s head. And I asked the tour manager to let Derren sign my programme!!!!! I saw someone else asked for it so I thought I should give it a try. I’m gonna cry now. I don’t think I can have a better day than this.

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Gaaahh Infamous was amaazinng! And the friend I was with went up! It was one the one in the Azkaban shirt called Julie (I think he spoke to her first on the bit about mediums) IT WAS SO GOOD I NEED TO BE THERE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

I remembered her!! Yes Infamous was brilliant and I loved it! I’m very excited because I’m going to sit in the middle of the front row tonight! I’m thinking about try to get on stage but I also want to sit there and just look at his face quietly, don’t know which one I’ll go with, ughhh…

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I was sitting quietly in a corner of the theatre, looking at that man on the stage, acting, performing, doing his unbelievable tricks. The audience were gasping, applauding, cackling with laughter, and I smiled. That’s the man I love up there. And he’s a genius. I don’t know how I can love someone who has no idea who I am to this extent, but I just do.

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Just came back from Infamous

It was so good. I absolutely loved it! It’s like all the goodness of Derren Brown all these years completely shown in 2 hours. It was really different from what I have seen before, and he was so funny. I can’t wait to see it again in the front row, or make GIFs when it comes to the telly. Still very excited now and I can’t help smiling thinking about it.

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I’m in! Shaking…

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Exactly 1000 days ago I knew the man called Derren Brown, who has later become my biggest hero. And only 1 day till I see his show Infamous!

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Derren Brown Speed Painting by Cat Marshall on Blogspot



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Aaaahh! I'm going on the 25th! I probably won't have the balls to say hi but if someone starts screaming that it's their friend's birthday, that person is me, pls be incredibly embarrassed for me so I don't look like a moron being the only person who literally has a face the colour of lava (also I love your blog a lil bit(a lot))

Awww that’s so lovely! I’ll keep an eye on the birthday girl :)

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It’s 2am and I can’t sleep ಥ_ಥ

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Anyone seeing Infamous on 25, 26 or 27 in London?

I’m seeing all 3 shows in London, and the first two days I’ll be sitting in the back (row X and Y), but on 27th I’ll be in the middle of row A! If you see an Asian girl sitting alone in those rows on those dates, that probably would be me. ;)

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Hey, I saw that you'll be going to see infamous on the same day as I will! We might see each other!

We really might! I’m in row X I think. You probably sit in front of me?

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After 2 days I will be heading off to Paris, and it’s only 10 days till Infamous (and two year anniversary of me meeting Derren in person)! I’m soooo excited and nervous!

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